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First Aid Training


Fachbereichsleiter Rotkreuzdienste

Lutz Schulze
Dammstraße 32
07749 Jena

Tel. 03641 400 321
Fax 03641 400 111


Teamleiterin Breitenausbildung
Termin-Koordination Jena, Eisenberg
Patricia Hasse
Dammstraße 31
07749 Jena

Tel. 03641 400 151
Fax 03641 400 111


Termin-Koordination Stadtroda
Judith Günther

An der Roda 3
07646 Stadtroda

Tel. 036428 620 71
Fax 036428 623 82


Due to the current development in the fight against the corona pandemic, in particular the falling incidence values ​​and the possible relaxation, we can now offer courses in first aid training again.

Online registrations are possible again by selecting the desired course type.

Please pay attention to the »Important information on the course schedule.

The declaration of consent to participate (especially for participants under the age of 18) in a PoC antigen test must be completed and brought with you:

»Declaration of consent for participants aged 18 and over (Adults)
»Declaration of constent for participants aged under 18 (Minors) with the signature of a custodial parent

We are pleased that we can be available to you again with our services in the usual way.


This First Aid training class is taught in English. 

target group 
  • English native speakers   
  • driving license applicants (all classes)
  • company emergency officers
  • students of medicine
  • teacher, educators
  • trainer & coaches
  • anybody interested

The First Aid Training course is divided into two parts: theoretical & medical background information and extensive practical training. Apart from instructions on the initial treatment of injuries and lifesaving assistance the following topics are covered:

  • wounds & dressing wounds
  •  fractures
  • emergencies due to heat or cold
  • chemical burns
  • poisoning
  • 9 lessons à 45 min
  • usu. from 8am-4pm
cours overview & registration

You may register online for one of the courses taught in Jena.


For first responders/ company emergency officers the costs of this course are covered by the "Berufsgenossenschaft", the employer’s liability insurance association. The appropriate form will be sent to you after successful registration. Alternatively you may download it here.